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In Room Spa Massage Menu

Indulge in the serenity and luxury of our in-room spa massage services at Gardiner House. Our skilled therapists are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience, bringing the rejuvenating power of a spa directly to your room. Choose from our carefully curated menu to find the perfect treatment for your needs.

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  • Swedish Massage

    A soothing Swedish-style massage that utilizes oils to deliver long, gentle strokes to the body, inducing a
    state of deep relaxation and easing muscle tension.
    60 minutes $205.00/ 90 minutes $260.00

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Gentle yet firm techniques target deep layers of connective tissue and muscle throughout the body,
    releasing areas of defined muscular tension and “knots.”
    60 minutes $215.00/ 90 minutes $285.00

    Mother-to- Be Massage

    During pregnancy your muscles are constantly flexing to balance your ever-changing center of gravity.
    Massage can help your body adjust to your new state beautifully. This type of treatment relieves low back
    pain, swelling of the hands and feet, headaches, calf cramps, insomnia, and sciatica pain. This treatment is
    done in a side-lying position.
    60 minutes $205.00/ 90 minutes $260.00

    Couples Retreat

    Our Couples Massage is a synchronized experience that allows you to reconnect with your special
    someone. We customize each massage to meet your individual needs.
    60 minutes $215.00/ 90 minutes $285.00

    Price is per person

    Salt Signature Facial

    Our Signature Facial provides personalized attention. We take the guesswork out of skincare by carefully
    analyzing your skin and providing exactly what it needs.
    60 minutes $205.00/ 90 minutes $260.00

    Ageless Facial

    Our Ageless Facial offers a surge of hydration and Vitamin C to combat signs of aging, reduce
    hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, and encourage ongoing collagen production. You'll leave feeling
    radiant and illuminated.
    60 minutes $210.00 90 minutes $265.00

    Best of Both Massage and Facial

    The Best of Both combines our popular customized facial with a personalized massage to create the
    ultimate spa experience. It truly is the best of both worlds.
    60 minutes $225.00 90 minutes $270.00

  • Scheduling Appointments

    We recommend that you schedule spa services in advance to your arrival in order to better secure an appointment most convenient for you. Reservations are subject to availability.

    Arriving for your service

    As you prepare for your spa experience, we have some exciting news! Our team will come to you and transform your beautiful room into a luxurious spa environment. We recommend that you get into your Gardiner House robes and relax, while our team takes care of everything. We will arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to ensure that everything is set up to perfection.

    Cancellation Policy

    Kindly call 24 hours in advance if you need to change your appointment, otherwise you will be charged for the service. Appointments missed without the 24hour cancellation notice will
    result in a 100% charge for the reserved services.

    Age requirements

    Spa appointments are available only for persons age 18 and over.


    For your convenience, a 20% gratuity will be added to all spa services. This gratuity is distributed in full to your service technicians.

    What to wear

    Our staff is trained in proper draping designed to ensure modesty and comfort throughout the service. However, if you are more comfortable, you may wear undergarments for your treatments.

    Medical concerns

    We always recommend that you consult with your physician should you have any questions or concerns regarding spa services. Please inform us of any medical issues such as high blood pressure, allergies, skin conditions, recent surgeries, or any other special circumstances that may require our attention. Mother-to- Be Massage is offered to for second trimester and up


    All pricing is per person and does not include gratuity